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Earthen Homes Created Just for You

Unique Earthen Houses from Home Builders Near Granite Shoals, TX and the Surrounding Areas

Get a unique, environmentally-friendly home with help from builders in the Granite Shoals, TX area. Rivertown Contracting can construct earthen homes for clients throughout the local area. Enjoy a green home that is designed to offer both comfort and durability. The home builders at Rivertown Contracting have over 25 years of experience with this unique type of home; they stand by the quality of their work, and will go above and beyond to ensure outstanding results.

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Our Full Range of Services

Save money on energy bills by letting Rivertown Contracting handle the construction.

Energy Efficient Home Building

Get a unique, environmentally-friendly home with expert help.

Earthen Construction

Enjoy a long-lasting, durable building by getting an adobe home.

Modern Adobe Homes

Trust Rivertown Contracting to handle your metal building construction.

Metal Building Fabrication

Revamp your living space by getting in contact with Rivertown Contracting.

Home Remodeling

Veterans can receive a discount.

What Are Compressed Earth Homes?

Discover the Benefits of This Unique Type of Building

Rivertown Contracting’s approach to homebuilding is unique. They specialize in earthen homes—homes that are, essentially, built of compressed earth. Earthen homes are more beneficial to the environment than any other type of home on the market, as they are completely recyclable. They have a number of additional benefits, however, besides just being eco friendly:

  • The building, being made of earth, is fire-proof.
  • You can have extensive temperature control.
  • Compressed earth buildings are less prone to damage from rodents, mold, and high winds.
  • They require very little maintenance to keep in good condition.
  • They are incredibly durable overall, and can last for years.
  • They are one of the most unique housing options on the market.

The home builders at Rivertown Contracting can help build energy-efficient, sustainable homes that are perfectly tailored to your unique needs. They will work with you throughout the project, providing you with the assistance you need to get something you’ll love.

Handling More Than Just Earthen Homes

Helping with Remodeling, Metal Building Fabrication, and More

In addition to providing clients with energy-efficient earthen homes, Rivertown Contracting can help with adobe buildings, metal buildings, and home remodeling. They have experience not just with unique compressed earth homes, but many modern home remodeling methods. They can provide you with plans that are tailored to your specific needs, creating outstanding results.

Whether you are looking for an adobe house, a metal building, or something else, Rivertown Contracting can help. If you’re near Granite Shoals, TX, then consider calling today. Ask about the referral program and learn more.

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    • Trustworthy, quality company. All around good guy

      Mike S.

      Trustworthy, quality company. All around good guy

      Mike S.

      Trustworthy, quality company. All around good guy

      Mike S.